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Wonder Towel Microfibre Hand Towel – Fast Drying, Super Absorbent, Ultra Compact


Deluxe ultra thin, soft and luxurious hand towel.  Ideal for home, for guests bathroom, salon, spa or gym use. Great and super thirsty to dry hands / face. Superb for travelling.

Easily rinse out 99% of germs, bacteria & mold with warm water. Dries fast – inhibits mold and mildew growth

There is a tag sewn onto it which acts like a loop to hang on a hook.

Sold as economic discounted packs of 5 or individually.

Dimensions & Colours

Hand Towel: 50cm x 90cm

Available Colours:

  • Lightning White
  • Light Blue
  • Smoky Grey
  • Stately Royal Blue
  • Funky Pink
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  • Hundreds of thousands of soft microfibers per square inch will quickly, yet gently, cleanse face and body
  • Lint-free / non-abrasive
  • Extremely durable: ability to withstand hundreds of washings getting softer with each use.
  • Professional quality, trusted to provide premium performance with a much more absorbent, faster drying and more durability
  • It does away with travel weight restrictions
  • Highly absorbent
  • Brilliant gift idea,  long lasting and eco-friendly J
  • Stain resistant
  • Maintains the skin’s natural ph balance
  • Ease and multifunction at your fingertips
  • Machine wash
  • Quick dry by air / tumble dryer low heat

Who can use it?

  • It can be used by sensitive skins, kiddie skins and skins prone to acne. So yay! Revolution in the palm of your hand!
  • Baby skins
  • Athletes
  • Anybody who desires luxurious body and face washes.

Additional information

Towel Colours

Lightning White, Light Blue, Smoky Grey, Stately Royal Blue, Funky Pink


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