South African Pray & Springbok Flag Sports & Travel & Beach & Swim Microfibre Towel Set


1 x Pray SA Flag Microfibre Towel
1 x Springbok SA Flag Microfibre Towel

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This Limited Edition, Proudly South African, microfibre towels, captivates the essence of our Rainbow Nation in all its glory. Nation building at its best.

– It comes in in a cute stylish compact folding mesh bag that can easily attach to pool, beach or gym bag.

– They are Fast Drying, Super Absorbent & Ultra Compact.

– No more hard and scratchy towels.

– Microfibre absorbs almost 5 times more water than cotton. The towel can absorb up to 7 times its weight. Even more impressive is how fast it dries after use.

– These are not your ordinary Terry Towels – so don’t treat them as such! When drying off your wet body there is not a lot of rubbing required. Remember to dab and let the wonders of microfibre wick the water off your body.

– They stay fresh longer too. They are also super lightweight. They are eco-friendly because you use much less water to wash them, much less detergent and ZERO clothes softener!

– As with all microfiber, it takes less heat to dry, so you will save on energy costs.

– Acts like a body Chamois.

– Modern and eco-friendly because they are thirsty, thin, compact, very durable and strong.

– Sublimation Print on one side and plain white on the other.

– Bespoke and proudly designed by top South African artists for Wonder Towel.

– Size 150 x 75 cm & 255 g (Approx)

Technical Specifications:
Material: Suede Microfibre = 80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide-Nylon

What’s in the box
1 x Pray SA Flag Microfibre Towel
1 x Springbok SA Flag Microfibre Towel