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SA Flag Designer Towel


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SA Flag Designer Towel –  100cm X 150cm

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SA Flag Designer Towel

Our SA Flag range of towels are part of our Flagship Range. Colourful, vibrant and showing off our national colours with pride.

New to the advantages and luxurious feel of the ultra modern Microfibre towels.


  • Hundreds of thousands of soft microfibers per square inch will quickly, yet gently suck up moister and dry your body
  • Eco-friendly: less water in the washload, less soap, no softener and less to NO tumble drying
  • Lint-free / non-abrasive
  • Extremely durable: ability to withstand hundreds of washings getting softer with each use.
  • Professional quality, trusted to provide premium performance with a much more absorbent, faster drying and more durability
  • Light weight – no more travel weight restrictions
  • Highly absorbent
  • Brilliant gift idea,
  • Long lasting
  • Stain resistant
  • Maintains the skin’s natural ph balance
  • Ease and multifunction at your fingertips
  • Machine wash
  • Quick dry by air / tumble dryer low heat


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