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Terry Collection Cosy: Microfibre Towel: Large Bath Beach Gym Baby Grey


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Tired of those hard scratchy Towels? Here is a solution that combines luxury and essentials for your bath, shower, gym, and pool time or glam self care Me Time.

Say goodbye to large piles of heavy towels to wash and dry. It adds to those time-consuming domestic chores. Here is a solution to scale down on domestic work and do more of the things you love with your time – with these easy-care towels.

These modern towels are not your ordinary Terry Towels – so don’t treat them as such! When drying off your wet body there is not a lot of rubbing required. Remember to dab and let the wonders of microfibre wick the water off your body.

These Bath Towels will outperform their cotton counterparts because they are five times more absorbent plus they dry faster and use less electricity and water to dry and wash.

They are also super lightweight, which makes them great for Bathroom and travel. They are eco-friendly because you use much less water to wash them, much less detergent, and ZERO clothes softener!

As with all microfiber, it takes less heat to dry, so you will save on energy costs; plus if you like to hang your laundry out on the line to dry, they stay nice and soft because microfiber doesn’t get stiff and coarse as cotton bath towels do.

Its luxuriously silky thirsty weave allows it to have incredible wicking power. It will seem to pull the water right off your skin.

Fold and store away into a cupboard or hang back into the bathroom immediately when clean and dry. Once the dryer cycle has finished, immediately remove the towels.

Leaving them to sit will encourage the material to wrinkle. It is important to note that the secret to maintaining wrinkle-free is linked to how carefully and precisely you fold after washing it and before storing it away. Do not overload your washer or dryer, this will encourage fabric wrinkles.

Size: 150 x 100cm – Large Bath Sheet
Weight: 300 Grams

They are eco-friendly because you use much less water, electricity, and detergent to wash them. The big bonus is that you need a ZERO clothes softener!

Product Features:
– Extremely soft and luxurious
– Hundreds of thousands of soft microfibers per square inch will quickly, yet gently, absorb water from the face and body
– Lint-free / non-abrasive
– Extremely durable: the ability to withstand hundreds of washings getting softer with each use
– Professional quality trusted to provide premium performance with a much more absorbent, faster drying and more durability
– Lightweight – no more travel weight restrictions
– Highly absorbent
– Brilliant gift idea, long-lasting and eco-friendly
– Machine wash
– Quick-dry by air/tumble dryer low heat

Technical Specifications:
– Material: Suede Microfibre = 80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide-Nylon

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1 x Size: 150 x 100cm – Large Bath Sheet