Basic Essential Turkish Coffee KuruKahveci Ground for Ibrik Coffee maker 100g

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Greek Moroccan Arabic finely ground coffee use with Copper Pot

Kuru Kahveci Mehmet Efendi is one of Turkey’s most famous and quality Turkish Coffee producer.
Kuru Kahveci Mehmet Efendi Turkish coffee is produced from high quality Arabica beans and packaged specially for your pleasure. So that it’s taste and aroma will remain as fresh as the day it was ground.

The first thing we need to clarify is that Turkey doesn’t have its own coffee beans. Arabic coffee beans are finely ground and used for coffee making. It’s more of cooking rather than brewing. While the term Turkish coffee refers to the preparing method of coffee, I must tell you that it doesn’t look like your regular coffee beans.

It is so finely ground that you might think it is cocoa powder when you first see it. The ground coffee is combined with water and sugar (optional) in a special coffee pot called cezve or ibrik and simmered over the lowest heat or traditionally on hot sand.

In Turkey, when you go to somebody’s house, the first question isn’t if you want to drink Turkish coffee, but rather how you would like to have your Turkish coffee prepared. By how, your host is asking about the amount of sugar you would like to have in your coffee. To answer the question, you may say “sade” which means no sugar; “az seker” which means very little sugar; “orta” which means with 1-2 teaspoons of sugar; or “sekerli” which means with 3-4 teaspoon sugar.


  • You will need filtered water, Turkish coffee, cezve (a special wide bottom pot, usually made of copper), Turkish coffee cups, and sugar.
  • Always use cold, filtered water.
  • To measure the amount of water for each cup, use the coffee cup you are going to use, rather than a standard measuring cup.
  • Remember Turkish Coffee is served in small Demitasse (French for Half Coffee Cup) / Espresso Size cups of approx. 45 ml of liquid per cup.
  • Turkish coffee is much more finely ground than regular coffee.
  • For each cup of coffee, use a heaped Teaspoon of finely ground coffee.
  • Slowly bring it to a boil over medium heat. This will take about 3-4 minutes, so keep a close eye on it. As the coffee warms, you will see a dark foam building up. This dark foam is very important. It is customary and important to serve Turkish coffee with foam on top. Closer to it coming to a boil, using a teaspoon, transfer some of the foam into each of your Turkish coffee cups. Return coffee pot to stovetop. As coffee comes to a boil, pour half of the coffee into the cups, over the foam.
  • Return coffee pot to stovetop and boil the remaining coffee for an additional 15-20 seconds and pour the rest into the coffee cups, filling them to the rim.
  • As for the serving, Turkish coffee has its own traditional way. It is always served with a glass of water and something sweet like Turkish delights or chocolate on the side.

The ceremony doesn’t end even after you finish your coffee. Although it’s not necessary, most Turkish people place the saucer on top of the cup, make their wish and turn it upside down. It is left to cool. Sometimes a golden ring is placed on the top to make it cool faster. It is ready when the cup is cool enough. Whoever is talented in coffee reading gets the cup carefully and interprets the symbols in the cup. While most people do this just for fun, there are people who are known as the master of fortune telling.