Turkish Greek Handmade Good Luck Eye Wall Art Yellow Beads Large


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This special, bespoke and handcrafted wall hanging is made of a glass Greek Good Luck Eye – ward of evil eye bead, set on luxurious satin stranded string, with unique beadwork. This show stopper décor piece will enhance the look and energy in any room in your home or office.

Stunning gift idea for the person who has everything, but this will be unique and different. Great gift for house warmings, weddings, new baby arrivals, baby baptisms etc. You can treat your loved ones with evil eye beads and protect them from negative eyes.

“In Greece, the belief in the evil eye dates back to Classical antiquity. Alexander the Great also spread the idea across his empire. However, the evil eye was first recorded 5,000 years ago on clay tablets in Mesopotamia. The evil eye is so prevalent that it exists in some form in the Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu cultures.”

Product Features:

Weight: 0.38kg approx.

Dimension of Main Glass Feature Evil Eye Large bead– Diameter: 13 cm approx.

Dimensions of the item hanging on a wall on the string: Length 35 cm | Width 13cm approx.

It is also a good idea to hang an evil eye in one’s home or office. It is common to hang them or display them, over doorways and entryways so everyone who enters the home is safe. These wall hangings can be placed in rooms around the house.

The meaning of the evil eye is to protect you from evil. It brings you luck and protects you from bad energy used to expel from your body the negative energy that envious people emanate.

You can use it as a protector decor, amulet or talisman all over your office or home.

What do the Good Luck charm colours mean?

Orange:- Happiness and protection

  • Motivation for commitment
  • Increase creativity and playfulness

Dark Blue

  • Karma and fate protection
  • Calm and relaxation
  • Open flow of communication

Light Blue

  • General protection
  • Broadening your perspective
  • Solitude and peace

Dark Green

  • Garners happiness
  • Balance in your life
  • Freedom to pursue new ideas


  • Brings you courage
  • More enthusiasm and energy
  • Protection from fears and anxieties


  • Protection from the elements
  • Connection with nature
  • Orderliness and convention


  • Boost your imagination
  • Re-balance your life
  • To remove obstacles

Yellow or Gold

  • Protect your health
  • Relief from exhaustion
  • Sharper mind and concentration


  • Protect against sorrow
  • Openness to new situations
  • Reduce the intensity of another colour

Light Green

  • Success with your dreams
  • Enjoyment and contentment
  • Good health


  • Purity and focus
  • Clear clutter and obstacles
  • To start fresh


  • Protect your friendships
  • Calming feeling
  • Content and relaxation