Wrinkle Resistant Luxury Hotel Duvet Cover Set Double – Charcoal Grey

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We spend one third of our lives in bed, so why not create a peaceful, healing and calm space go to bed in, and wake up to every morning. This can be done with our luxurious bedding.

Tired of all the time- consuming domestic chores? Here is a solution to scale down on domestic work and do more of the things you love with your time – with this wrinkle-resistant bedding.

They are 100% sateen-weave polyester, which resists wrinkles and is incredibly soft. All Seasons Sheets Are Good for Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.

Size and Features:
Double Duvet Cover Size – 200 x 200 cm, with neat zipper opening.
Pillow Case Size each – 45 x 70 cm with fold over opening.

This Modern Bedding is Soft, Comfy and Luxurious on the skin. It is definitely not that Stiffly Starched Formal Linen kind of look! This bedding is lovely to embrace and usher in the Casual New Normal Relaxed look around the bedroom.

If you are looking for the Formal stiffly Starched, laboriously steam Ironed out, hard Linen kind of look and feel, this bedding is not for you!

Please note that due to compressed packaging, plus travelling & storage in warehouses you will need to wash & iron it upon arrival, and again if not folded swiftly & quickly after washing/ drying.

This bedding is wrinkle resistant – not wrinkle-free! Make your bed and pull the linen tightly stretched across the bed, to get the right effect! Use hands and fore-arms to flatten & smoothen out remaining wrinkles. For some of us, it might be the only exercise we get in for the day, let’s go ahead and maximise and enjoy! Learn to appreciate and savour the little things in life!

This Modern Bedding is cosy, smooth and opulent on the skin.
This bedding is here to usher in the Era of the New Normal: of how we re-think the use of our time, resources, and things that we cherish and want to spend our mental and emotional energy on. Let’s not sweat the small stuff!

How to fold:
Take each corner of the item precisely to the other corners of the item, creating an exact fold. Press down a few times before you repeat the folding to fold the item smaller. Do not fold too small. Do not fold in the air. Always fold on a flat surface like a bed, clean table or couch.

How often should I wash bedding?
It is recommended that you wash your bedding every 1-2 weeks. Doing so will keep your bedding free from sweat, skin flakes and allergens such as dust mites. As if you needed another reason to regularly wash your bedding, doing so can also help reduce crinkling. Your bed sheet is actually made up of thousands and thousands of tiny fibres. With regular washing, these fibres become more and more relaxed which makes the bedding less prone to wrinkling. Plus, it keeps your bedding feeling clean and fresh.

Is it good to overload my washing machine with bedding?
While it may save time, overloading your washing machine actually encourages wrinkles to form on your bedding. The Spin cycle sucks the sheet up against the wall of the washing machine and leaving it there, scrunched up will cause wrinkles to set in. Be sure to untangle your bedding before putting them in the dryer.
It can be tempting to stuff as much bedding in your washing machine as possible. After all, the sooner they are done the sooner you are finished with your chores.

Is it good to overload my tumble dryer with bedding?
Same goes for the dryer, don’t leave your bedding to sit! Remove the bedding while they are still warm and lay them flat on the bed. As they cool the wrinkles will vanish as if by magic!
Ideally, you would want to do two separate loads, one for your fitted sheet and one for your top one. However, if you have to wash multiple bed bedding on a single day you can also do a single set of bedding at a time.
Once your washing cycle has finished, immediately throw the bedding in the dryer. And once the dryer cycle has finished immediately remove the bedding. Leaving the bedding to sit will encourage the material to wrinkle.

How do I fold and store my wrinkle-resistant bedding?
Badly folded bedding will for sure lead to wrinkles once you make up your bed. Once the bedding is washed and dried – fold immediately. If bedding was folded wrongly and stored in a badly folded knotted bundle – give it a quick iron, then stow away correctly as above.

It is important to note that the secret to maintaining low ironing bedding is 100% linked to how carefully and precisely you fold the bedding after washing it and before storing it away. It requires proper folding, pressing and “ironing” the bedding with the firm press of your hands and forearms while you are folding it. Do not put heavy items on top of folded bedding in the linen cupboard.

Note: Bad, uneven, lazy, sloppy and careless folding will for sure result in wrinkled bedding. Upon the latter case – you will need to iron the bedding before starting the correct folding care procedures for the future

What is the best way to make my bed have the least wrinkles?
Put the bedding on the bed and make sure it’s nice and taut, and tightly stretched across the bed. The tension is what helps to get the wrinkles out.

Classic bedding tip:
A spray bottle can also be your best friend. So grab a spray bottle of water and set your aim to those unsightly wrinkles. Filling your spray bottle with fragrance waters / few drops of essential oils can keep your elegant linens smelling fresh.

Product uses:
Great gift idea for men and women, mothers, fathers, children, college students, all ages and for holidays, Christmas, Mother’s, Father’s, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, special occasions.

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What’s in the box
1 Double Duvet Cover Size – 200 x 200 cm, with neat zipper opening.
2 Standard Pillow Cases