We prioritize uncompromising quality across sport, travel, fashion, beauty, household, and baby items. Our stringent quality control is upheld by highly trained staff, and we consistently strengthen our operations. We source materials from trusted suppliers, subjecting them to rigorous quality assessments. Pioneers of Purpose Packaging, our Eish Cool Towel and Make-up Eraser Cloth packaging is not only beautifully branded but also inspirational. We remain aligned with global fashion, beauty, sports, and luxury trends, ensuring our quality stands among the finest.

Nation Building

Our mission from day one is to be involved in nation building on as many levels as possible to contribute to job creation, especially among women and youth, sports development and sponsorships , educational, social and economic upliftment of peoples and communities in South Africa. We at Wonder Towel are committed to WONDERFUL South Africa, its people and a future which benefits all.

Understanding Microfibre

Microfiber is a remarkable material composed of ultra-thin polyester filaments, known for their exceptional strength, precision, and absorbency. Typically, microfiber blends polyester with Polyamide (Nylon), combining the strength and resistance of synthetic materials while minimizing moisture absorption. These sub-miniature fibers, much finer than human hair, are split into numerous wedge-shaped strands, amplifying their surface area and osmosis capabilities. This innovative fabric results from the fusion of these exceptional materials.