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Who we are – Our Vision and Mission

Wonder Towel is a leading company in the microfibre industry in South Africa. Wonder Towel is committed to bring to you a WONDERFUL section of toweling and related products and solutions that has been much under-utilized  and almost non-existent in South Africa and Africa. With continued research into the SA and African  markets we found that there is a great need for easy, compact, light and antibacterial easy on the skin toweling products. These products are widely commended and extremely useful  in many fields like  sport, travel, household, fashion and beauty, gifting, bridal, baby and many more areas.

Just to list some of the many advantages of Mircrofibre:

  • environmentally friendly with less detergent, water and tumble drying required
  • strong, resilient, long lasting, anti-snare
  • smooth, easy nonabrasive on skin and hair thus anti-damage and ‘anti-aging’ as less rubbing and scrubbing occurs on the skin, especially facial skin
  • very low carbon footprint versus normal terry towels.

We offer professional, one-stop solutions to all your microfibre needs from gifting to traveling, sports and beauty – while serving our clients with speed, excellence and competitive prices – not forgetting our lovely surprise gift with purchase advantage that has delighted and surprised our customers over and over!


We understand the importance of superior quality when it comes to sport, travel, fashion and beauty, household and baby items. We adhere to strict quality control measures with all our products. Our dedicated staff receive intense training, and we strive to build our operations from strength to strength continuously. Our materials are procured from reputable suppliers and undergo thorough checks for quality and performance.

We are the first in the field to spearhead the Purpose Packaging concept, this we are extremely proud of . Our packaging for the Eish Cool Towel and the Make-up Eraser Cloth is beautifully branded not only as mere packaging but is inspirational  too.

We also keep up to date with international trends in the fashion and beauty, sports and luxury markets to ensure that our quality can be compared to the best.

Nation Building

Our mission from day one is to be involved in nation building on as many levels as possible to contribute to job creation, especially among women and youth, sports development and sponsorships , educational, social and economic upliftment of peoples and communities in South Africa. We at Wonder Towel are committed to WONDERFUL South Africa, its people and a future which benefits all.

Understanding Microfibre

Microfibre consist of a specific blend of polyester that has extremely thin filaments. It is resilient and tough and can be manufactured to extremely fine tolerances, many times much thinner than other synthetics. Microfibre is recognized by properties of strength, precision and sheerness as excels in phenomenal absorbency that gives rise to so many applications. Most microfibre is made up of a combination of Polyester and Polyamide (Nylon), a synthetic material that is strong, elastic, and resistant to abrasion and chemicals, and low in moisture absorbency. When combined, these two materials result in a microfiber cloth with the brilliant advantages of both synthetics.

Each filament of this sub-miniature fiber, which is much thinner than even human hair, is split into many wedge shaped strands, multiplying the surface area of and the osmosis / wicking power of each filament. With the proper combination of materials and the splitting of the already super fine fibers, these unique microfibre fabrics are created.

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